Agricultural & Engineering

AHAAMES’ Crop Production Sample

Our team of Agricultural,  Environmental and civil Engineers, as well as our Veterinarians, strive to ensure that Financing International Organizations; Partners  & NGO’s are getting more result for their buck as we seek to replicate projects of the same scope using the resources already available and with little adds on. As of 2016, AHAAMES has been classified among the top three (3) reliable organizations in Haiti to work with and has worked on more than one hundred projects in partnership with or financed by the United Nations, the European Union, Mission Helvetas, Protos Belgium, NCA-Norway, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) etc. Ahaames maintains a staff of 18 with the technical and professional expertise to support the rural population in the following projects:

  1. Crops and Vegetables Production Projects
  2. Fish Farming & Livestock Production (Goat,  Chicken, Pig & Cow)
  3. Reforestation and Environmental improvement projects
  4. Agricultural Infrastructure & Road Rehabilitation
  5. Cisterns Construction for water storage (15 cubic meters or more; Minimum Capacity 3,500 gallons)
  6. Source Capture for safe drinking water

Sample of 15 m³ cistern built by Ahaames

Sample of Ahaames’ crops / vegetables Production & Beneficiaries

Cisterns built by Ahaames for irrigation