Our Mission

Education Program and Distribution of Hygienic Kit

AHAAMES welcomes the opportunity to work for, and or partner with Faith Based, Charitable and International Organizations or Missions to improve efficiency and be effective at delivering better quality services in the following areas:

  • Healthcare / Agriculture
  • Education / Training
  • Nutrition / Clean Drinking Water
  • Economic Development

Earthquake Victim being treated


Because of your cooperation with us, AHAAMES is able to deliver healthcare services to hundreds on a monthly basis, provide safe and clean drinking water to thousands, distribute food and clothes to those who have lost everything during the hurricane seasons, deliver educational materials and provide financial support to many poor families, and engage in livelihood enhancement projects for economic development in many underserved rural areas of Haiti.

Sample of Ahaames’ crops / vegetables Production & Beneficiaries

The short and long term success of our mission is based on a strategic interdependent approach of assistance delivery to the poor, with countless benefits for all. Ahames believes that Economic development cannot be achieved if people are starved and malnourished, sick, and are not educated. Ahaames works closely with the rural communities in Haiti to grow various crops, raise livestocks, build cisterns for irrigation, and initiate many other livelyhood enhancement projects capable of giving hope that people can believe in.

Without this integrated approach, there will be no long term result to show, donors will be frustrated by the lack of results, and accountability; the problems will remain unsolved.

While AHAMES is fulfilling its mission in the areas of Healthcare, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Education, the organization’s Economic Development Projects for the poor will be the end result for success recognition of its overall programs. With the support of our donors and the technical expertise of our volunteers, the organization’s livelihood enhancement projects will allow the population in rural communities throughout the underdeveloped world to better their lives, and engage in income producing activities for self sufficiency.

Thus the ultimate goals of our charitable endeavor is to empower poor communities in Haiti to become self sufficient, be an economic player, and a contributing member in society. We are thankful to all members, donor organizations, and agencies sharing our goals and contributing to support our Agricultural, Medical, Livestock projects.


AHAMES’ Health Center in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, W.I.

Medication donated by Ahaames to a healthcenter in Gros Cheval, Haiti

Please come and see for yourself how your cooperation with us is bringing hope, and is improving economically the life of so many who only needed a helping hand to be on their own.